Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a quick one

I dont have my site up and functioning yet but here is a link to my Facebook Page

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It called singin in the car

So j has decided he is a country music singer well kind of. in the car when we really get going and i have the radio turned on to his favorite station he will so ohhhh and ahhhhh and blaaaaa hooooooo guuuuuuhhhing along with the music. Lets just say it melts my heart with a blow torch. I tend to sing along to the music in my car so i think j gets that from me. This week has been a busy week doing a lot of work waiting for my new sewing supply's to come in sewing up a bunch of aprons for a ladies church retreat, just being a busy bee.
In jelly news we have finally figured out how to sit unsupported for long amounts of time. J has beens sitting up all by himself for a while now but he has recently started to really get good at it holding himself still instead of weaving around being a little wobbly and falling over a lot. Other than that their really is not much to report he finally interacted with a baby close to his age in nursery in church today and i think he enjoyed it except he was a bit frustrated that she really didn't want him touching her. I guess its a theme to come. This Saturday we will be going to the pumpkin patch and i will do another long post then interjected with short little update post thru the week that are going to be mostly pictures.
Have a good night sleep well and a great week!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just pictures for now

Sorry in really to busy right now i got a huge order for Cloth and i have been workin like mad to get it done!!
mmmmmm this is yummy

the ears are the best!!!

Back away from the rabbit!

only i could look this cute this messy

Faster woman!!!!

Hurry up with that spoon

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reasons to cloth diaper

 #1 Reason The money honey!
The average newborn goes through about 8-12 diapers a day, and an older child goes through about 6-8. At my local walmart a box of name brand diapers is $20 four 86 size one diapers ( and rising!, that's about $0.23 a diaper! then you times that by the amount of uses in a day for ten diapers a day that's $2.30 then for the first you you times that by 365 days in the first year alone that's $839.50. But what they don't tell you is the amount of diapers in a box goes down the bigger in size your child wears, so this figure is gonna be quite a bit off. With cloth its a one time expense ( well maybe more if you get a little sucked into patterns ) of about  $249.00 and keep in mind this is until potty training, and again if you pick non gender patterns they can be used again for the next child making the cost per year much much lower than disposables!

#2 Quicker potty training
The switch from diapers to going in the potty is something parents look forward to, i know i sure do. Studies have show children wearing cloth tend to potty train faster than with disposables because now disposables tend to leave the child with the im dry feeling, with cloth yes it does seem just a tad gross they can feel that they are wet and most children want to learn how to potty train to avoid the feeling. I just want to add if you change your child's diapers regularly or at the first showing of pee or poop their are no ill effects from this

#3 Better for your child's bottom line
Cloth diapers tend to have less issue with diaper rash, irritated bottoms and other common complaints from disposable users. Fewer chemicals touch the baby's bottom and the less likely they are to be sensitive.

#4 Better for the planet
Disposables take about 100 years to dissolve back into the earth tending to take up massive amounts of room in landfills. Now here is where it gets gross most people dont know that you are supposed to flush the solid poop in disposable diapers down the toilet so that poop gets put into the landfill instead of being processed and broken down at a water treatment facility. It rains over the landfill the diapers get wet and the poop eventually makes its way down into the ground water supply. Nasty right?

I am making cloth diapers

I make
AIO's- pretty much like using a disposable you just wash dry and go no extra prep needed. If you want to add extra layers of absorbance for night time use you are able to. The benefits of this system are very easy to care for, even the hubby can do it with ease, but the downside is they do take some more time to dry.

Pocket Diapers- this is a two part system the soaker and the pocket. Once wet take cover dump or spray off any solids remove inner pad and put in a wet bag or a diaper pail liner. when it comes time to wash wash in the same cycle and dry the same as well drying time is significantly shorter since their is more room for hot air. Prep before next use is stuffing you have to get everything lined up and your pockets stuffed before the next use. The benefits of this style is you can choose the amount of absorbent fabric you stuff it with, but the downside is their is a lot more work with it.

I personally like AIO's because i am somewhat of a lazy mom. many of the reasons people use disposables is for the convenience you just take it off and throw it away and thats it. Yes cloth is a little bit more work and a bit more of an upfront cost but think about this once you have enough to wash every other day you are done no more money to spend! Its just not the greener thing to do its the cheaper thing to do, cloth diapers have a very high resale value if taken good care of, they can also be used for the next baby! Can you say Hello savings?

I do custom orders for full stashes or single diapers, and i should have my etsy shop up and running within the next few weeks. But if you would like to contact me my work email is daughtrey73@gmail.com

This week i am also planning to do a week of cloth so be prepared!

I swear it gets better

As a first time mom it seems like everything from the moment of the first positive test is ridiculously hard, but i have seen that the end is near well at least for a while. We are past the hold me all the time im gonna scream because its the only way i know how to say anything!!! stage. So we are into what i like to call whats that? stage. J is so interested in everything he wants to look at everyone touch everything listen to every sound but he want to do (most) of this on his own. Yes that's right my baby will spend long amounts of time all by himself on the floor trying to crawl squealing rolling around playing with toys using his nails to make scratchy sounds on what ever he get to ( he loves walls!) Ahh my little man is so grown up that i am in shock i swear the other morning i went to go pick him up from his crib and it was like pickingu p a really heavy bowling ball you know the kind that noone uses and the bowling ally except the little kids who are goofing around. He is all smiles and so much personality. I am so glad wea re past the human blob of flesh stage! Im gonna share alot of pictures with you now so please bare with me hey i havent posted a picture for a while so it will be a nice update right?????

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