Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We have five teeth

Yes J has Five teeth with a sixth on the way and life has lets just say been stressed! Dealing with j's crying screaming fits trying to keep up with things like teething tablets and Tylenol along with all of his regular medications is a PITA! I have never mention what meds J is on so i will tell you he is on a nebulized treatment of pulmacort 2 a day once in the morning once and night flonase 2 a day morning and night kenalog ointment after baths, steroids once a weeks a nebulized aboutorol treatment in the middle of the day and again if he is sounding rattly.
 Their is so much to keep up with and sometimes i feel a little overwhelmed with all of it! Im not the best person when it comes to staying on a schedules or doing things on a consistent basis, but i am getting better. Justin is really helping me learn to be a better person when it comes down to it. Ahhh I love my family!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

sometimes people are crazy!

I know a group of mom's online that i talk to daily that all gave birth around the time that i did. Well one of these mom's is crazy, like when a candy makers makes a new product but its gross everyone wonders why the hell did they even put it on the market crazy. She lies about little things and its hard for me to restrain myself from pointing them out and telling her off.
I also have a mommy friend i live by who has a son who is three days older the J and the other day i ran into her at walmart and she was all excited we where talking about how both of the babies where going to be one soon and then she mentioned how she was going to turn her son forward facing. It took every ounce of my being not to go off on a rant on how extended rear facing is so much better and safer for him. I kept my mouth shut, but i have been subtly posting things on my Facebook wall about extend rear face all day, and it shall continue!
This is my kind of crazy i have been talking on the phone with my agency about the IP's and i feel like I have begun to get to know them! It will be weird in the dilvery room when two of the people their wont speak English and one will be their to translate. That's a lot of people seeing my lady parts i have to be sure i am expertly groomed! Dr Mai always told me it takes a lot to be a woman!
J has really been getting bold with his walking taking more and more steps alone not running walking slow deliberate steps to keep himself upright. He gets so happy with himself sometimes he does this little funny squeel thing. We have also started to do infant potty training with him setting him on the potty before bed and when he gets up for nap and thru the day. So far Nada not even a drop in the pot but her sure does love to take the inner piece out and put it back he gets loads of hugs and kisses and claps when he does it!
J's first snow angel

unwrapping thomas

rub a dub dub Jelly in a tub

J and mommy

Bowls make perfectly good hats

My fav toy!
Here is a little photo Bomb to end the post :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

so its been a while a lonnngg while

trying on a pettiskirt i was making
going to the post office
since i updated and im sorry about that things got out of control jason got sick and it was jsut a bad couple of months for us! But i would love to give some updates :) J is now 10 months old 20 pounds 28 inches long, he is allergic to wheat, oranges, strawberries, peas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turkey, and a few others that i cant call to mind right now. He takes two naps a day one a 11am and one at 4:30pm and he almost sleeps through the night i say almost because he tends to get up maybe once every other other day during the night. We are officially baby food free J will not take purees anymore at all and eats big people food 100% of the time. He crawls stands up on his own and walks!

In our family news Justin and I have decided to put my womb out for rent! Yes i am going to be a gestation surrogate for a loving family! We are in the binging of the process but we might already have our family picked out the even more interesting thing is they live in China! Im so excited to start this proccess and you better believe everything that i can post about i will post about! Have a wonderful day!
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