Friday, June 17, 2011

Blah is all i can say

This has not been the greatest of weeks for justin, j, and i. J has been sick since Monday running a fever off and on, and so have i. I have a splitting headache that has gone on for most of the week that im poping pills like they are mints. Im pretty sure J and i are passing it back and forth between us and its getting a little old. Next Wednesday i go in to get my IUD put it. Its not that i dont want more children its just i dont want more children right now. I had a miserable pregnancy one that involved the doctor every week for the last three months and twice a week the last month. Strong medications and staying in bed all day. I guess i should have written more thru that part of it right?
Since J turned 8 weeks old yesterday i thought i would talk about some things he is doing now that he was not doing when he was born. He now lifts his head and looks around during tummy time and kicks his legs back and forth almost in a crawling motion. ( boy am i gonna have my hands full early on ) He coos in a wide range of sounds and gets more vocal the more you talk back to him. He can track an object that he likes to look at for about a minute but then i guess he forgets what he was doing and looks at something else. He smiles when you do something he likes, like opening your mouth and eyes wide, Giving kisses, and being butt naked. And during tummy time he has figured out how to roll from his belly to his back. My little man is getting to be so big and im dreading his next well baby visit due to his two month shots. i know their are some people who do not like shots but they where invented for a reason, to make it so they dont suffer from things they dont have to. I got the chicken pox when i was 16 i had not been vaccinated for it when i was a child and let me tell you i was miserable. i had a fever and i was broke out everywhere, that ment my eye lids, ears, mouth, nose. i could not swallow and i had to drool into a cup ( attractive right ) Some of the mothers that think that not vaccinating their kids is ok, haven't seen what polio can do to a child because of vaccines that they where given when they where born. Their is no link between vaccines and autism, my vaccinated child is protecting their no vaccinated child. But what happens when a child cannot get vaccinated and a child who did not get vaccinated gets a deceases and gives it back to the other child, bad stuff. Oh well im done with my ranting today time to go back and cuddle some more with my sick little man.

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