Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today i went to my first WIC appointment to sign up for the pregnancy package. I waited until now because i was still nervous about something going wrong but seeing the heart beat flicker on the screen on Monday has given me some confidence that this baby is here to stay. Even if i loose the baby at this points i will still get six months worth of WIC. Its not a lot its meant to supplement your diet. We normally get rice beans milk cereal cheese juice and $10 worth of fruits and veggies. The only problem with using WIC checks is the fact that you have to get the whole check at one time you cant just pick and choose so sometimes i will end up with 3 gallons of milk in my fridge. While some parts of the WIC system are flawed their are some great resources that come with the program, such as when im breast feeding if i have problems with latching like i had with J i can borrow a nice pump to get this baby fed without having to use formula and without having to shell out $800 for a hospital grade pump. The WIC income limits are pretty high and very from state to state so check with your local WIC office.

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