Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Number 2

We finally went ahead and announced baby number two to the world this morning with the oh so common FaceBook announcement! I made a little sign for J to hold and prayed that he would let me take just one go picture. I bribed him with M&M's. I knew it was time to post because i'm 12 weeks as of tomorrow and i just could not keep it in any longer! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Meal Planning

As things get tighter while expecting a new LO I have deployed some new attempts at frugal living. While our food budget has never been overly lavish I do tend to cook whatever I want that night instead of planning it out which leads to a lot of last minuet trips to the store and money spent that should be saved because I came home with more than just the one thing I went for. So I have started a weekly meal plan which I will post here every Monday. ( which will also lead to more faithful blogging fingers crossed ) Hopefully during the week I will take pictures of what we are eating for dinner and post the recipes for what we are having. Al tho most of the food I make is pretty simple I mean I am running around after an almost two year old here! So without further ado here is the dinner meal plan for this week. Keep in mind pasta and the like is all wheat free and we avoid all of j's allergies so sometimes things can get a little plain. 

baked chicken, au gratin potatoes, and green beans

meat balls, mashed potatoes, side salad

penne pasta bake, garlic bread, side salad

spiral sliced ham, au gratin potatoes, broccoli 

Asian style chicken stir fry, steamed rice 

steak stuffed baked potatoes w/ brow gravy 

egg omlets, sausage, hasbrowns
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