Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Just a quick one

I dont have my site up and functioning yet but here is a link to my Facebook Page

Sunday, October 16, 2011

It called singin in the car

So j has decided he is a country music singer well kind of. in the car when we really get going and i have the radio turned on to his favorite station he will so ohhhh and ahhhhh and blaaaaa hooooooo guuuuuuhhhing along with the music. Lets just say it melts my heart with a blow torch. I tend to sing along to the music in my car so i think j gets that from me. This week has been a busy week doing a lot of work waiting for my new sewing supply's to come in sewing up a bunch of aprons for a ladies church retreat, just being a busy bee.
In jelly news we have finally figured out how to sit unsupported for long amounts of time. J has beens sitting up all by himself for a while now but he has recently started to really get good at it holding himself still instead of weaving around being a little wobbly and falling over a lot. Other than that their really is not much to report he finally interacted with a baby close to his age in nursery in church today and i think he enjoyed it except he was a bit frustrated that she really didn't want him touching her. I guess its a theme to come. This Saturday we will be going to the pumpkin patch and i will do another long post then interjected with short little update post thru the week that are going to be mostly pictures.
Have a good night sleep well and a great week!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just pictures for now

Sorry in really to busy right now i got a huge order for Cloth and i have been workin like mad to get it done!!
mmmmmm this is yummy

the ears are the best!!!

Back away from the rabbit!

only i could look this cute this messy

Faster woman!!!!

Hurry up with that spoon

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reasons to cloth diaper

 #1 Reason The money honey!
The average newborn goes through about 8-12 diapers a day, and an older child goes through about 6-8. At my local walmart a box of name brand diapers is $20 four 86 size one diapers ( and rising!, that's about $0.23 a diaper! then you times that by the amount of uses in a day for ten diapers a day that's $2.30 then for the first you you times that by 365 days in the first year alone that's $839.50. But what they don't tell you is the amount of diapers in a box goes down the bigger in size your child wears, so this figure is gonna be quite a bit off. With cloth its a one time expense ( well maybe more if you get a little sucked into patterns ) of about  $249.00 and keep in mind this is until potty training, and again if you pick non gender patterns they can be used again for the next child making the cost per year much much lower than disposables!

#2 Quicker potty training
The switch from diapers to going in the potty is something parents look forward to, i know i sure do. Studies have show children wearing cloth tend to potty train faster than with disposables because now disposables tend to leave the child with the im dry feeling, with cloth yes it does seem just a tad gross they can feel that they are wet and most children want to learn how to potty train to avoid the feeling. I just want to add if you change your child's diapers regularly or at the first showing of pee or poop their are no ill effects from this

#3 Better for your child's bottom line
Cloth diapers tend to have less issue with diaper rash, irritated bottoms and other common complaints from disposable users. Fewer chemicals touch the baby's bottom and the less likely they are to be sensitive.

#4 Better for the planet
Disposables take about 100 years to dissolve back into the earth tending to take up massive amounts of room in landfills. Now here is where it gets gross most people dont know that you are supposed to flush the solid poop in disposable diapers down the toilet so that poop gets put into the landfill instead of being processed and broken down at a water treatment facility. It rains over the landfill the diapers get wet and the poop eventually makes its way down into the ground water supply. Nasty right?

I am making cloth diapers

I make
AIO's- pretty much like using a disposable you just wash dry and go no extra prep needed. If you want to add extra layers of absorbance for night time use you are able to. The benefits of this system are very easy to care for, even the hubby can do it with ease, but the downside is they do take some more time to dry.

Pocket Diapers- this is a two part system the soaker and the pocket. Once wet take cover dump or spray off any solids remove inner pad and put in a wet bag or a diaper pail liner. when it comes time to wash wash in the same cycle and dry the same as well drying time is significantly shorter since their is more room for hot air. Prep before next use is stuffing you have to get everything lined up and your pockets stuffed before the next use. The benefits of this style is you can choose the amount of absorbent fabric you stuff it with, but the downside is their is a lot more work with it.

I personally like AIO's because i am somewhat of a lazy mom. many of the reasons people use disposables is for the convenience you just take it off and throw it away and thats it. Yes cloth is a little bit more work and a bit more of an upfront cost but think about this once you have enough to wash every other day you are done no more money to spend! Its just not the greener thing to do its the cheaper thing to do, cloth diapers have a very high resale value if taken good care of, they can also be used for the next baby! Can you say Hello savings?

I do custom orders for full stashes or single diapers, and i should have my etsy shop up and running within the next few weeks. But if you would like to contact me my work email is daughtrey73@gmail.com

This week i am also planning to do a week of cloth so be prepared!

I swear it gets better

As a first time mom it seems like everything from the moment of the first positive test is ridiculously hard, but i have seen that the end is near well at least for a while. We are past the hold me all the time im gonna scream because its the only way i know how to say anything!!! stage. So we are into what i like to call whats that? stage. J is so interested in everything he wants to look at everyone touch everything listen to every sound but he want to do (most) of this on his own. Yes that's right my baby will spend long amounts of time all by himself on the floor trying to crawl squealing rolling around playing with toys using his nails to make scratchy sounds on what ever he get to ( he loves walls!) Ahh my little man is so grown up that i am in shock i swear the other morning i went to go pick him up from his crib and it was like pickingu p a really heavy bowling ball you know the kind that noone uses and the bowling ally except the little kids who are goofing around. He is all smiles and so much personality. I am so glad wea re past the human blob of flesh stage! Im gonna share alot of pictures with you now so please bare with me hey i havent posted a picture for a while so it will be a nice update right?????

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Five Months Jelly!

Yay almost half way thru our first year jelly! you have grow up so fast and your almost crawling! Today you where a strong 17 pounds and 25 inches long! you grew five inches in a month! I truly believe god heard my prayers concerning your length and stepped up to the plate this last month. I will be posting new pictures tomorrow i just dont have any on my camera right now. pretty soon you will see J up on all fours with his chest up off the ground to bad i dont have any videos because to see him rock back and forth is one of my favorite pastimes right now!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thats weird

So we went to the air show this weekend and saw Dr Mai. Its a little weird to see a person that you have pooped on outside of the hospital. I was telling justin that he would feel a little weird about it to if he had his hands up justin as far as he did me!
The air show was weird i was the only one wearing my baby everyone else where in strollers but i know my little J he would have no been happy in his carrier he can look around at everything and he really likes that. In other news we finally put his convetable car seat in the car due to me not being able to lift the infant carrier with m bulging discs, and buckling him into the tiny seat was a pain when you cant get right in front of it. I really think that he enjoys to be able to look around more almost as much as he likes to sit in the shopping cart! Yes my little J sits up by himself and holds himself up for a while he still has not figured out all the way to use his hands while sitting up so its funny to watch him. He has also started to crawl! i mean its a step here a step their but my little J is doing it and im so proud but sad at the same time i almost miss my little blob of flesh jelly.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have regretted posting this

This is the one thing that i never wanted to post until after J was one. I have had to officially quit breast feeding. After all of the struggles we have been thru not latching having to exclusively pump a dairy/soy allergy, the process of getting him back on the breast, and now thw worst of it. I have two bulging discs in my back and im in some pretty bad pain so im on some pretty heavy duty pain killers and a very strong muscle relaxer that you cannot breast feed on. Im so done with the pumping and him not being able to drink it, and who knows when all this will solve itself. So im done i throw in the towel i give up i quit.
Lets just say this is already killing our budget already. Oh well till tomorrow have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I happen to love those rolls!

I love the rolls of fat on my sons legs! i know its a weird thing to admit but i do really love them! they are so cute and most of them where put their by my milk and that makes me feel proud! today we will be having miss Madison over from 2-10 because her mommy got to go to hawii lucky duck. it is odd that Madisons birthday is J's conception date so if she was my child i would have gotten pregnant the same day i gave birth and let me tell you the only thing i wanted near me was a can of dermoplast spray. But she is a little cutie. We just had her birthday party last sunday and i was privliged to make her smash cake, but madison is a bit of a girly girl and really was not that into smashing the cake she did do a head dive and started eating it without her hands but she stayed pretty clean by my child standereds. It kind of gives me something to look forward to that in the next nine months J is gonna grow to be a active little boy.

a year ago

Well this is a little late was supposed to make this post on the third but im getting to it now.
A year ago i sat trembling, pretty much not talking at a birthday dinner Justins parents where holding for me. Worried and nervous about what was to come. I spent the whole knight in secret eye conversations with justin begging him to please just get it over with.
Why was the reason i spent the night in such anxiety? well that night was the night we where gonna tell justins parents that little j was a sea monkey in my uterhouse. Char unwrapped a ding dong stuck a candle it and sang happy birthday to me i unwrapped my present and smiled but i still didnt talk.We went outside to sit and talk. And then finaly justin did it and uttered the words To his mom and dad we are pregnant. Then his dad mouthed back almost right away joking with justin on himbeing pregnant not me, and Char cried. Those tears hit my heart more than anything had so far. She was so happy.I had thought they where tears of sadness but no she wrote how happy she was for us and how excited she was for us and whqat a blessing it all was .The night ended better than i thought lots of tears on char's and my side lots of smart aleck comments from Cliff.
Looking back now, i think of that night with fondness and im sure i will some day i will tell J how we told his nanna and grandpa that he was on his way.
This is Cliff and Char

Friday, September 9, 2011

quick thought i just had

I keep reading that it's rare for a woman not to be able to breastfeed, but I wonder how true that is? Back in the day, babies died all the time, or were considered sickly and wouldn't live long. I wonder how many of those babies had moms with inadequate milk supply?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Donate to our wedding here

So i finally got the budget from my parents for our wedding and it look like nothing is going to happen we will not be having out wedding, and im a little hurt with it. 
Lets start with my parents think that we are keeping J from them, and the complain endlessly about being able to watch j by themselves without me around. Lets start with the fact that Justin and i have only been on date nights twice since J was born the first time was carefully planned out and J went to stay with justins mom and dad. everything went fine i cried for the first hour because i missed j but it was ok, i completely trust justins parents now. fast forward. the fair finally came back to town and the first night we went to the tractor pull because we got last minute ticked we stayed for an hour it was loud gave me a headache and i was not feeling so hot. J stayed with justins parents for an hour. Two days later we went to the demolition derby. Now a demo derby is way to loud for a baby. We again asked Justins parents to watch J because his mother fully enjoys J and i trust her all the way. My parents find out and throw a fit that we didnt ask them to watch J but turns out they are going to the derby to so its not like they could have watched J anyways!
Fast forward one more time to yesterday. I go to my parents office i do not have J he is at justins moms because i had a doctors appointment  and i didnt want him to get all the germs. ( once again it was not feasible for them to watch j they where at work! ) I found out i have a bulging disk im in a lot of pain i could hardly walk the day before. Where i ask again if i could have the wedding budget you need a budget before you can do anything, and my dad wont give it to me tell me he is mad at me for keeping his grandson from him. Complaining on how they have not been bale to watch him by themselves without me. Hello its not a requirement for them to watch him by themselves! Its not some kind of right that they have because they have a title, unless you have the title mom or dad of the child in question you really have no right to anything! Well it was my birthday and they ruined it. Got mad at me for wanting to hold it at Justins church ( which honestly i feel way more comfortable at then my parents ) I couldn't take it any more i went and picked up J and cried for about i good hour and Justins moms. Now to today. I got a message from my mom telling me that my budget was three hundred dollars. Thats it, nothing more. The dress that i wanted was two hundred dollars which really was super cheep for the type of dress i wanted. Im crushed my heart is hurting because i guess every girl looks forward to the day that she gets married. I was already doing everything as cheep as i could a morning wedding to save on the meal, handmade favors, handmade center pieces, making my own bouquets and flowers for the wedding only do flowers for the wedding party not decorating with them. Their is no way i can do a wedding for $300. Most people spend more than that on their shoes or invitations. I guess Justin and i will not be getting married till we can afford to do it with our own money, and the little bit of help that Justins parents are able to do ( rehearsal dinner, tuxes, the cost for the favors, and his mom is helping me do everything by hand) $300 was the budget Justins mom was given by her very frugal father 28 years ago for her wedding and she said it was a stretch.
  Ifeel like my father refusal to help with the wedding fully like he said he would is a direct way for him to make me suffer for not letting them watch j. Anyone out their host a wedding for $300 that was anywhere close to what you really wanted? I feel like i sound selfish, but in my heart i feel like im not being. So i get to my end point anyone want to donate to our wedding? Just kidding!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Every three months

Every three months Justin and i get an itch to change things around the house, so today we spent the day in work clothes huffing and puffing moving stuff around. And i must say im happy with what we did. I now have my own sewing place! We also had to re-do Justins man room because he came across almost 1000 comic book he intends to sell ( yeah right they are gonna sit their and collect dust! ) Yes Justin is a bit nerdy we both kinda are. I played basketball my freshman year i sucked at it i was on the c-team and i never saw any court time ever. Justin played golf in high school but thats hardly a physically demanding sport with all the golf carts and caddies in the world. We dabble in other nerdy things like computer repair, book collecting, and yard sailing yes we jump in our boat and turn on the hose and pretend we are pirates, J is going to hate us when he is a teenager.

I have been dabbling in sewing for the last five years and now i have finally decided to buckle down and start making my hobbies an income to support my fabric buying habbit. I have been making hair bow for little girls sadly i dont even have a little girl i have a boy! So maybe J might be shown modeling a few headbands eeekk! I dont think im setting him up for a tranny life so i think its all good.I dont have an etsy store set up yet so if you ever want one email me @ xI_Love_piratesx@msn.com Any bows shown are here will have a price + shipping normally $1.50 per bow lower for multiple orders
Fluff, black splash pattern w/ pink center $3

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We are getting married!

Yes you jerk at the store we are getting married our child will not remain a bastard hank you very much no need to be rude to me in the line to check out. A little Q&A for any one who is wondering

When are you and Justin getting married? 
We will be saying our vows on 11-11-11 coincidentally i was adopted on 9-9-99 so its kind of a cool date we planned for 10-10-10 last year but our little speed bump came along and i didnt want to be pregnant during our wedding

Hows long have you been together?
Its been about two years now not long i know but we really enjoy one another and we are each others best friend

How did having a baby change your relationship?
Having a baby changed a lot. I have been working since i was 16 and have always been very independent, during my pregnancy i got very sick and was on bedrest from pretty much 26 weeks on. Justin has a wonderful job and he provides as best as he can for us, but it put a little damper on my fierce Independence i have always craved. We have settled into our new roles pretty well but their are some days where i snap at him or he snaps at me, hey being parents is hard! but our personal relationship had not changed infact i think we have grown closer with all the challenges we have faced.

How old is justin?
Justin is 23 and will be 24 this December on the 18th he is four years older than me but the age difference really works out well for us

You had a baby at 19 that means your a teen mom how do you feel about this?
Im actually really happy that J is here, when the pregnancy test turned positive i felt my heart drop and i hadn't really come to terms with it until J was born. I received a lot of dirty looks wherever i went because of how pregnant i was. Now it really does not even bother me i will be twenty at the end of this month and i will consider myself no longer a teen mom. Heck being young really has helped me bounce back after pregnancy well not all that much my jeans are still in the closet growing dust lol!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Its that kind of day

Today i spent all day in sweat pants unwashed hair and i cuddled my little boy. I held him tight smelled his hair felt his toes smelt his breath and ran my finger over his belly. I counted the hairs on his head and looked into his eyes. I came to the conclusion even tho a chart says my little boy is not growing right that he is not "perfect" he is perfect in my eyes and he will always steal my heart with his smiles laughs and little boy snuggles

On other news Utah family J justin and i will not being coming out in September finances have changed and with all the tests we are going to go thru its just really not an option anymore.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four months

Jason is now four months old and it seems like time has flown buy so fast. As i type this im sitting in bed attached o my pump and that always makes me a little scatter brained so please forgive me. When i took j to his four month appointment, we finally started in on shots. ( Last time we tried to start J had a fever shot are a no go with a fever ) The normal height weight head circumference measurement are taken. Well my big chunky monkey is in the 8oth percentile for weight 25th for head circumference then here is the bad part. J is no longer on the growth chart for length. No he did not grow all long super fast its what he has not done. At J's one month visit he was measured at 21 inches when he was measured at the doctors he was only 203/4 inches long. That is only a inch since birth. She also noticed a slight bowing is his legs. This is now a cause for concern, their is a reason their are growth charts to show what is normal now i wouldn't be worried if it was only in the 1st percentile its just that he is not even on the chart he is below zero. Their are some tests that need to be done and x-ray on his legs and a ct scan on his pituitary gland. I will post a new picture of my little man tomorrow for today im gonna snuggle him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My new body

i ended up a little over 200 pounds at delivery. i have stretch marks like a giant tree all over my bell along my sides down my legs across my boobs. i feel disgusting knowing that these will probably never go away im 19 and i look like an old lady. Justin says i look beautiful but i feel ashamed with how i look. I try to loose the weight but i never have been the type to loose weight easily i was 145 B4 i got preggo and i fought hard to be their i was finally accepting who i was and what my body was i even got two hip tattoos of sparrows to symbolize the peace between my body and me, they are ruined the stretch marks ran right thru them blurring the ink stretching them into wobbly forms of what they once where. I know it will take time but im still no at peace with what i have become, even thou i can looking into j's eyes and see his love for me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

i wish i had gotten a pet rock

Well someways i really do wish that we had gotten a pet rock instead of a baby. i know im an awful mother for saying that shame on me, but who ever told me taking care of a baby is like taking care of a dog was messed up in the head. shadow poops and pee's outside, J pees and poops on himself i find myself wiping his balls at 3am more often that not. Shadow entertains him self a lot, J needs to be constantly held stimulated rocked laughed at. Shadow eats by himself, J needs me to hold his bottle or me to hold him up so he can nurse. See its not like having a dog at all lying butt heads!!
In other new this week i made flood and fill cookies for anyone who does not know what that it you take a sugar cookie and outline it in royal icing then you "fill" in the areas with runnier royal icing and let it dry, its a pretty fun hobby and i must admit that im hooked. More tomorrow!

Monday, August 15, 2011

It has been such a long week

This week has been such a long week and i was trying to take the time to enjoy having justin back. He was gone for most of the week last week and i missed him our first nights apart in over a year needless to say it was very heart breaking and very hard. i cried like a baby the first few nights but now im confident he could leave for a couple of days without a melt down from me or J!
In J news we have hit a couple of pretty big mile stones he can now sit unsupported for a small amount of time and loves to do it he works so hard he grunts and it makes my day! He also does little baby crunches all the time in his swing and will now really play with a toy if you give it to him, but most of the time it ends up going strait for the mouth. He made a new friend this week and we shall call him Benny the bumblebee. Benny is a pen with a little wooden bumblebee on the top that J loves to swing wildly about and put in his mouth. J ends up looking like a piccaso painting alot of the time as said pen has no cap, but it kept him entertained long enough for me to get the grocery shopping done and all of the laundry finished so no complaints here!
I had a very exciting find this weekend. Justin likes to eat hotdogs for breakfast i know really weird but its what he likes, he is a bit of a hotdog snob tho. He will eat pretty much any hotdog but  he loves those ballpark all beef franks and of course since they are all beef the are almost $6 a package well at Safeway they had them on sale for $2.99 a piece which is a great deal anyone want to donate to Justins good hotdog fund? well im going to post a lot of pictures to catch you up on J's progress and have a wonderful Monday everyone!
lovin his teething ring

yes my heathan child is naked alot

my cookies!!!!!
holdin his bottle
my aunt who loves me got me this t-shirt from Hawaii

i know its an old one but i loved that onsie

once again naked

some crazy erring i bought at a yard sale i love them

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I went running

Well its was more of a light jog but i still did it i got all sweaty pounding the pavemnt but the plus side is i look pretty cool jogging with a stroller! its kinda nice having that strollers wheels turn on the pavemnt and knowing that im doing it! I was all sweaty and huffy but i was not in the nest of shape before i got pregnant so i fell ike this is a pretty good victory. My goal is to be able to run a mile without being all huffy puffy afterwords, and once i reach it i will talk about setting another one. As the dairy free is going not so great everything has hidden dairy so im finding im having to make alot of our meals from scratch to avoid it which kinda stinks even tho i love to cook and most of our meals are home cooked some nights i just want to make boxed mashed potatoes with real milk and butter! I have some picturese for you of J's first time in grass he loved that stuff i braved it because im alergic to it just to see him explore a new texture was amazing to see how he reacted to it!

I dont know why his feet look so purpley red in the first picture i blame it on the camera. This week justin and i went up to go get a computer in pueblo for my grandma and we took the back road home and i enjoyed sticking my feet out the window and feeling the rain drops hit them!
I hope none with a weird foot fetish stops by my blog this week that would be weird!
Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I havent really felt all that great the past week and it has started again today maybe it has something to do with the heat but i really dont know. Im much more a cool weather person i love the snow and the wind blowing. But its not even close to that here its almost a 100 every day and that is miserable!
In j new this week he has started to roll over multiple times in a row! He suprized me when i put him down for tummy time ( i have been starting him on his back so he can roll over on his tummy to help him learn his new skill better ) he rolled from his back to his belly to his back then almost back to his belly! He smiled the whole time like look at me mom im amazing!
Justin and i are still looking into an FHA loan for the house which would give us the money upfront to completely renovate the house, im still on edge about the project because im not sure i want to live in rocky for the rest of my life, well i know its not a death sentence but selling a house now and days is a battle and their are just not a whole lot of people moving into this area. One plus is i will be able to make my dream kitchen with a dishwasher! Ahhh that would be heaven on earth for me because while i love to cook i hate to do dishes!
This week we have been lucky with a temporary addition to our family the beautiful Madison, and let me tell you it was fun. J and Madison are exactly 9 months apart and she is a handful. she started walking this week all over the place so i was constantly finding myself running after her then running back to a crying J then back to two little hand that did not belong in the trash can! But it was glorious fun and it makes me want the next little one to be here alot sooner than we are ready for ( not like thats happening thanks to my IUD ) But is has certainly reminded me of the time that is to come and hopefully when it happens my PCOS does not interfere with our desire to have more children.
I leave you with a picture of sleeping J for once i am thankful that he is sleeping on his back as he has recently started sleeping on his tummy. Any ideal on how to get him to stop rolling over and night its driving me crazy and it makes me worried about SIDS. I am constantly flipping him over but he just rolls right back!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

cloth diapering

Im thinking of becoming a semi crunchy mom and using CD's any advice? their is a instal investment but after the first three months they are paid for and you never have to buy them again! Plus for a family thats thinking about expanding again sometime in the next year or two they can be reused for the next little one. with the money that we will save we will be able to afford a vacation woot woot!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the wasp nest in my window

so their is a wasps nest in my window in the computer room and it at first was fascinating till today when it went to scary when i looked in and saw not the one lonely wasp that started the nest but five of those suckers in their! i don't know where they all came from but needless to say five is to many and we will be getting rid of the nest tonight. it was kinda cool to watch it grow it has been their since i was pregnant with J and i watched it grow from some weird looking crap into a full fledged nest, if you ever get the chance to watch it safely i might add do it pretty cool to see it come out from nothing.
In baby J news we are going to the doctor again at 3pm today because J has been having a cough that scares the crap outta me and is hardly eating his bottle. This is the same boy that loudly demands his feedings and always gulps down what i give him and then loudly asks for more. I think im coming close to the end of my pumping journo. i have been pumping for about maybe the last two weeks and j has not been eating a drop of it because he has been on formula. But im tired of pumping just to stash it in the freezer. I hve well over a 1000oz stored up but if i can have the will power to just bite the bullet and eliminate all the dairy out of my diet its not going to make a difference. I have on the other hand been having an obber healthy diet as of the late. i guess it just makes me feel better thru the day if i eat a good three meals and day and healthy ones at that. So i might look into donating it. The last time i went about looking for some place to donate at i almost did until i read the finer print saying that the company made a profit with the donated milk. who wouldn't want their materials provided for free? so i sent them a rather mad email saying how when the encouraged mothers to donate to them they are indeed threatening the health of other premature babies who could have used the free milk. J turned Three months old today 1/4 of the way thru his first year of life and while i miss the moments when he was just a useless blob of human flesh i am glad that he can now interact with me and we have fun playing all sorts of games.
My sanity is going to be tested in September as i will be flying with Justin my parents and J over to Utah to visit my mothers side of the family. I have NEVER flown on a plane ever and i have always considered them pressurized cigar tubes flying buy who knows how a mile above the earth without enough parachutes on board for everyone. but im gonna suck it up and do it because im sure not driving 10+ hours with five people in the car one of them an infant that just sounds like a recipe for melt downs and yelling arguments that yes you need to pull over so i can feed him, its not like when you grew up!. But im still looking forward to it i have 3 second cousins that i have never met two who are about a month older than j and they are both cuter than anything you have ever seen! One belongs to my cousin Krista who i didnt see much of on our trips to Utah when i was younger but her daughter Mabel has the most hair i have ever seen on a baby and is such a cute monkey. the other is Jaden who belongs to my cousin Amy who was the cousin i was always excited to go see whenever we went. Jaden is such the little handsome man and seems to have a great personality. The third is Ronan Im not sure if i spelled that right but this little guy belongs to my cousin Jayson and is7-8 months old already and he has such and expressive face his picture makes me laugh!
I know this post is all over the place so im gonna throw you another twister and end with a picture of cupcakes that i made. white cake with strawberry frosting and a sprinkling of dark chocolate in the center they where yummy! and im glad i decided to whip the egg whites sepertly then in a different bowl made the rest of the recipe then folded the egg white in. it made such a difference, they where light and fluffy and had such a nice texture in the mouth.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


since i have been slacking on posting my pictures here are a few from the last week enjoy.
He likes to sit like this

gosh playing is hard

what this i dont wanna wear this!

yeah im handsome

Did i ever mention how much i hate hospitals?

im pretty sure i caught something in that dirty germ infested place that we took our son to last Friday. I cant breath im coughing and im so stuffed up by the time this stuff clears up im gonna be 30! It all started with a tickle which led to a cough which led to me being miserable since my last post. J is doing fantastic on his new formula and im happy to report i pretty much have my happy baby back again and for that i feel blessed because i happy baby is so much easier to handle while being sick. I dont have the time right now but tomorrow i will be doing a full picture post yu wont believe how big my little chunker is getting at his appt he his stats where
11 weeks
weight 15.9 pounds
Length 23.4 inches
Head circumference i have no clue he wouldn't hold still long enough
Im so proud of all that my son has learned to do he now rolls over from his belly to back well and can roll from back to belly but it takes a long time and sometimes he gets frustrated and that ends up in a melt down of epic proportions. J sometimes wants to stand up with his cute little baby toes curled trying to grip what ever he is on and boy does he laugh! He talks to you and smiles like nobody's business. Ahh he is growing up so fast and its making me contemplate having another one but right now is just not the best timing. Justin and i found a house but let me tell you it is a fixer upper. It is GUTTED! But justin being the type of man that he is sees opportunity and i am the first to admit its kinda hard not to get swept away with his plans and talks of what is to come. I have to admit i am more in love with him every day and i thank god for that otherwise i would have to kill him lol. If we do end up buying this house its gonna be a lot of work but the chance to build it up into the home of our dreams is enchanting. Well its off to bed with me to go hug a box of tissues and maybe, just maybe get some sleep.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

it was a hard weekend

At jasons last well baby visit i told the doctor the what was going on with jason and dr mai did a physical exam of jason and told me something very scary he had reasons to belive that jason had a thickening of the valve the connects the stomach to the small intestine  Of course i was alone at the visit and justin called alf way thru and had to speek with the doc because i was on the verge of tears he told us that we would have to make a trip to an ER about two hours away because they didnt have a way to diagnose it and if it was tru then e would have to have surgery to repair the defect and the closes hospital with the capabiltys to operate on an infant was in
springs. By this point im crying my eyes out and im thinking why was it something that i did lord help my child i dont know what to do. So we made the trip getting up to the hospital about nine at night and barely getting into a room about tenish. we waited and waited and finally a doctor came in to ask questions and said that they would be performing the test and soon an ultra sound tech came in to take j and i to the room. she put some of the ultra sounding gel onto his stomach and started to look around ten minutes later she opened up a two ounce pedilight bottle saying they needed to study how the fluids moved thru his stomach, and study they did about four times. We finaly got back into the room and a nurse came in to draw blood, and if you have never seen them do it off of a vein in a infant it seems pretty scary. they have you help hold your screaming infant down on a table while they use a syringe to suck blood from his body needless to say i was crying as much as he was and wanted to hold him cuddled up in my arms to soothe him. blood drawn down now by this point its almost two in the morning and i haven't slept hardly four hours in the last 48 and im about ready to pass out. i feel sick and the doctor comes in and im bracing myself to hear him say they where going  to operate on him. Then i hear the most amazing new ever they are not going to have to operate his stomach is a little irritated but the valve is fine! So now J is on a speical formula for sensitive babys and we are hoping this is not going to last very long because this was not in our budget to be formula feeding nor was it in our budget to be on very very expensive formula. Thankyou everyone for you thoughts and prayers!

Friday, July 8, 2011

i swear

the whole forgetting to blog habbit is gonna die this next week i will try to blog every other day but right now it hasnt been so easy with a very needy baby. In news this week Jason has rolled from his back to his belly ( that takes skills! ) her has been his pretty much set scheduled these last weeks well until this week this week is all over the place and is a hot mess

4am diaper change feeding 3 1/2 oz
4-7am sleeping
7am diaper change feeding 3 1/2 oz
7-10am play awake time
10am 4 oz feeding
10-12pm nap
12pm 3/12 oz feeding
12-3pm play awake time
3pm feeding 4oz
3-5pm awake play time
5-7pm nap
7pm feeding 3 1/2 oz
7-9pn awake play time
9pm 5 oz feeding
9pm-4am sleeping
im excited to see how much he weighs today and i will post an update on how everything went and how well he handled his shots gulp im scared on how he is gonna react but having the shots is better than not having them!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

i have been slacking

on posting but to my defense J has not been sleeping well and has been acting strange, honestly i dont really know whats wrong and its frustrating me to no end. Tonight i am prepared to give J his first bottle of formula ever just to see if it will help him sleep for more than an hour. He has always been a pretty good sleeper sleeping about 5 hours in a row since his was about five weeks old but this last week has been hell. even during the day i haven't been able to set him down due to him being fussy and needing to be held and comforted and that does not mean well for my house. My family is planning on visiting my family in Utah on labor day weekend (shhhss grandma is not supposed to know yet ) but we are flying and i need to figure out a sleeping arrangement for J, i do not want to check any baggage as im afraid it will get lost and i really cant afford the $46 it would be. Yes i know it would be easier if we jsut took the car but who wants to be in a car for 10+ hours with a baby not me! so any suggestions would be appreciated
This is how i find my chunky monkey in the swing sometimes

first time in the high chair i think he enjoyed it

Friday, July 1, 2011

The good life

I feel so blessed i have my wonderful son and a man that loves me even when i get into a little tizzy and i think the world is out to get me. This next holiday is gonna be J's fourth holiday and i feel like his firsts are slipping by so fast pretty soon its gonna be this time next year and he will be so grown up.
In other new Justin and i looked at a house this week and let me tell you its a real fixer upper but im excited about the prospect it brings being able to make a home what we want it to be from the ground up is thrilling, if not a bit crazy. We will be making it livable one room at a time while living in it and i little bit nervous maybe a DYI project from hell.
In other news J's conception date is coming up soon, its a little weird thinking about it tats its a almost been a whole year since he has existed in some form congrads my little jelly bean!
Also coming up is Justins and i anniversary and im looking forward to it oddly i think i love him more every day even when i get mad at him for little things, and i think he puts up with me well enough!

I love the looks J gives me sometimes melts my heart and makes me laugh all at the same time!
On the pumping side i have to report that i am almost a proud owner of bronze boobies and i have not had to supplement with formula once yet so ten weeks and counting hoping for a year feeling blessed for every day until then

Its about three in the moring

literally, its about three in the morning J woke up for his night time feeding and i havent really been able to go back to sleep i have been to bothered by things.
the main thing i have been bother about is one of my friends got in a huge car accident about a month ago and has been in the hospital ever since well their was this girl who claimed t o have been in a relationship with him even tho he had pretty much told her it was over because she was in "love" with two different guys, well fast forward till today and i have been noticing her posting on his face book wall on how much she loved him and blah blah blah but i noticed that on the other guys profile it said she was in a relationship with him and on his wall was her posting on how much she loved him. Well my other friend told my hurt friends family what i had discovered and showed them the proof well they are choosing to ignore it even tho clearly this girl is using my friend for attention and it makes me a little angry because thats not what decent human being do and it frustrates me.
im sorry for the school girl rant about this but it has me frustrated and upset that he is being used, and yes maybe i need to butt out of it and stop being so snoopy right? Thats the last time im gonna try to be a detective on facebook :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It has been a hot one

The last week is has consistnaly been in the 90s every day and well into the night cooling to about 60 degrees then heating back up again the moment the sun is up. i live in a desert their has been no rain no humidity and me and J are roasting. We stay in the living room with the swamp cooler and a whole bunch of fans but i gotta keep J cool somehow because heat is a big factor in SIDS.
Their really has not been much going on this past week i havent made any picture worthy food and i havent gone anywhere. the only thing i have to report is i made a new friend, and this is exciting. As someone who spends a good 90% of her day with just a baby adult human interaction is few and far between so i got excited when my new next door person was sitting on my couch and talking  to me. So now i have a new friend go me! Other than that nothing to report except i got a new hospital grade pump and my supply has gone up just a little bit and im glad.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

As promised

Well no exactly because i said i was gonna do this like two days ago and didnt but for all of you wondering i got my IUD put in last Wednesday because this baby factory is closed. i admire the people who can pop out one right after the other but lets face it i had a crappy pregnancy and i haven't gotten to the whole thing is fuzzy stage when i get their we will probably be having another conversation.
I went with the Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system) because i have PCOS and i need some type of hormone driven birth control to keep my cycles somewhat on time and because i have always been a heavy bleeder and the chance of having light to no bleeding made me drool with envy, and its good for five years and pays for itself after the first year of use.
So i went to the doctors office got shown into the procedure room and the nurse started to get everything set up and mind you its a lot of stuff she pulled out of the cabinets and it was starting to freak me out. She pulled out the biggest metal speculum i have ever seen in my life ( let me tell you this thing was heavy duty ) and then i start to panic. i get this feeling of oh my goodness i should not be doing this maybe i should tell them i changed my mind yeah that it i will tell them i changed my mind even tho five minutes ago i signed a paper agreeing that i wanted this, may condoms arnt so bad.
Dr Mai came in said good morning asked all the normal questions and said well lets gets started, and then he was like this is gonna be cold and lots of pressure and i was bracing myself. i felt as he used q-tip i have even seen in my life to clean my cervix with iodine and then after that i really wasn't feeling much i felt something cold and then nothing for a little bit then i heard him asking the nurse to get the righ scissors and as she unsuccessfully located the scissors i heard the dr say the ones that cut and it was all that i could do to keep myself from laughing because if you had been there spread eagle with someone saying the scissors that cut when pretty much all scissors do that you would have thought it was funny, then came the bad part he went to trim my strings and accidentally poked the side of my hooter with the scissors and that was really the only part that hurt so i guess im luck. i had people telling me that it was gonna hurt for weeks so i was all prepared to be in pain. I was a little crampy afterwords but other than that it was smooth sailing. i have a follow up appt in two weeks to make sure its still there in the correct position and is not embedding itself into my uterus. And in two weeks Justin and i will be given the green light to have sex without a condom which he is pretty happy about.

Friday, June 24, 2011

You peed on me!

Everyone says when you have a little boy they will at sometime pee on you so far i have been proud to report that j has not peed on me! Well that was until today, i turned away for a split second to toss the dirty one and i felt something warm being sprayed down my side. I turn around to a big smiling baby who is still peeing on me and i give up. that's what showers and baby wipes where made for.

This little boy has discovered the joys of being naked and smiles just about as big as he can every time i go to change him today i am convinced that he was smiling because he knew he had peed on me.
Im going to start a new thing on nights when the dinner that i make is somewhat yummy looking im gonna post pictures of it so you can drool over my amazing chef skills ( yeah right! ) so for last nights dinner we had stuffed bell peppers now to some this may have been a easy dish but i have never made them before. they looked pretty but in fact they really didnt taste that great im sad to report
 Last night before we went to bed i caught J in a moment of cuteness like it made my heart melt
And then this morning i caught him in a moment of being pretty pissed off and grouchy at the world because he was hungry and Justin was changing his diaper and he was done with it
Oh well have a happy weekend, i will post about my IUD experience ether later today or tomorrow :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double take

today was J's first long car ride anywhere and let me tell you he rode like a champ. He was a bit fussy when we where getting ready and i was a little worried about that but the moment we pulled out of the drive way my little man was crashed out like the cat is in the sun. We drove an hour up to pueblo to go trade some stuff on craigslist that someone wanted from us ( little boys grow out of their newborn clothes so fast :( ) Well anyhow, we went looking at some home decoration stuff, and just browsing around ( we are in the middle of looking for a new living room set and didnt really find anything that i really felt like belonged in my house so we left to go to taco bell ( not healthy but i have been craving it!! ) we where sitting down waiting on our food when someone walks into the store and her little girl was in the same carseat as j was, i thought that alone was pretty cool, but then she goes on to talk to someone at the cash register and she starts saying how she just turned tow months old today and then my jaw dropped. J's turned two months old today and they are in the same car seat! What are the chances of the happening one in twenty trillion i think. J has an almost twin out their and it makes me smile to think about it.
I think for the next baby im going to make it a suprize so that was justin can tell me after i have gone thru the long labor and pushed the sweet secret that my body has been keeping ( we are hoping for a girl next time around ) But thinking about j's almost twin i got to thinking about the next baby. I have caught baby fever. while i didnt enjoy being pregnant I like the end result. I like the sleepless nights because im more of a night owl anyways and J so far has turned out to be a relatively good baby hardly ever crys and is a joy to be around. He is just growing up to fast and is now wear 3month clothes. I did keep a few of his onsies and a couple of overalls to start his baby quilt from ( im going to make him a quilt of all his baby clothes to give to his son/daughter )
But to my sweet little boy you are two months old today and you are still the apple of my eye the only person i have ever feel in love with so fast was your daddy. I have waited patiently for you for months and now that you are here i am enjoying every hug kiss and cuddling session. Every time you break out into you gummy grin and you coo back at me when i talk to you, makes my heart beat faster knowing that i get to enjoy your sweet innocence, and unconditional love every day. In some way this blog is a record to show to you when you are older so you know what the beginning of your life was like, and to explain how much i love you. Happy two months J mommy loves you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers day

This is the first year that Justin is a dad, so last night i spent most of the night waiting for j to wake up so i could smear his feet with paint to make his first fathers day present.
Needless to say i was kind of tired this morning so breakfast didn't get started till almost 11. We had Micky mouse pancakes and bacon and eggs the most lavish breakfast i have cooked since i defrosted some eggos for breakfast last week. Needless to say we  re no very big breakfast eaters in my house we re more of dinner type of people. I love to cook dinner i find it some much fun to see what i can create. You can do anything for dinner you can do all the breakfast things that you wanted to do in the morning but just didn't have the time to do, or the energy.
In being a new mom i still have not gotten back to my peak energy level and apparently its going to take some time because its been 8 weeks and some change. After i gave birth to j i had a severe case of being anemic and i had to take additional iron supplements. i was miserable every time i would turn around i would be dizzy about ready to pass out feeling sick and just so ready to sleep all the time. its getting better but i wish that it would hurry up im ready to get back to what i was before i was pregnant. Im also ready to get back into shape. Having an eight pound almost nine pound baby and all the weight that i gained has left me with a less than ideal body shape and im ready to turn that back into something somewhat appealing. I admit the way that my body was going to look after getting him out terrified me. i looked on websites to try and find out what i would look like and i was horrified. It would take months to get back to looking like a normal human being not someone who was multiplying. So starting this week im going to be trying loosing weight, and every week on Sunday i will let you know how much i have lost so far ( or how much i gain )

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blah is all i can say

This has not been the greatest of weeks for justin, j, and i. J has been sick since Monday running a fever off and on, and so have i. I have a splitting headache that has gone on for most of the week that im poping pills like they are mints. Im pretty sure J and i are passing it back and forth between us and its getting a little old. Next Wednesday i go in to get my IUD put it. Its not that i dont want more children its just i dont want more children right now. I had a miserable pregnancy one that involved the doctor every week for the last three months and twice a week the last month. Strong medications and staying in bed all day. I guess i should have written more thru that part of it right?
Since J turned 8 weeks old yesterday i thought i would talk about some things he is doing now that he was not doing when he was born. He now lifts his head and looks around during tummy time and kicks his legs back and forth almost in a crawling motion. ( boy am i gonna have my hands full early on ) He coos in a wide range of sounds and gets more vocal the more you talk back to him. He can track an object that he likes to look at for about a minute but then i guess he forgets what he was doing and looks at something else. He smiles when you do something he likes, like opening your mouth and eyes wide, Giving kisses, and being butt naked. And during tummy time he has figured out how to roll from his belly to his back. My little man is getting to be so big and im dreading his next well baby visit due to his two month shots. i know their are some people who do not like shots but they where invented for a reason, to make it so they dont suffer from things they dont have to. I got the chicken pox when i was 16 i had not been vaccinated for it when i was a child and let me tell you i was miserable. i had a fever and i was broke out everywhere, that ment my eye lids, ears, mouth, nose. i could not swallow and i had to drool into a cup ( attractive right ) Some of the mothers that think that not vaccinating their kids is ok, haven't seen what polio can do to a child because of vaccines that they where given when they where born. Their is no link between vaccines and autism, my vaccinated child is protecting their no vaccinated child. But what happens when a child cannot get vaccinated and a child who did not get vaccinated gets a deceases and gives it back to the other child, bad stuff. Oh well im done with my ranting today time to go back and cuddle some more with my sick little man.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And it goes on and on and on

 j ad to go to the doctor on Monday or Tuesday i cant remember what day it was i have been so sleep deprived these last couple of days because of j's 2 month growth spurt ( wanting to be held eat alll the time ) I was told that he was dehydrated and instructed to give him about an ounce of water after every feeding, well i haven't really done that because my fear of water toxicity in babies, so i have been limiting it to about an ounce a day ( a little bit after each feeding ) and drowning myself in water as per the pedi recommendations. so on the plus side my milk production has gone up and on the down side i have night sweats and day sweats and i pee all the time. TMI i know right! J seems to be happier despite the spurt and i think all is going well.
In the last week he has learned the joys of being naked ( for my sons dignity no picture today as i dont think he would appreciate his parts being shown to the world ) Whenever i take off his diaper get him naked for a bath or just in general to take his temp or im trying to keep him alert for his before bed time feeding. He gets the biggest grin on his face starts cooing and in general turns into the happiest baby alive. He has started this deeper coo which im pretty sure is a precursor to a laugh which im sure when it happens will melt my heart and make me fall more in love with my little pee machine.
In other news i have gotten j to latch on twice this last week which is a vast improvement from none. ( yes i am exclusively pumping but the goal here is to get him back on the breast for my sanity's sake moooo ) Yes his latches killed me and the first few moment i wanted to cry but after he settled down it was a nice relaxing experience for us and he stared into my eyes the whole time and poped off about 20min later in a milk coma and went to sleep for about three hours. Of course good luck never lasts and the next time he was hungry he would not even try to latch and i was forced to give my baby that bottle, i always feel some guilt with it. like that bottle is a trophy of my unabilty to regularly nurse my child. I wish that i had someone close to me who knew how i felt. My best friend quit breast feeding because she wanted her boobs back, and i think my MIL thinks im pumping to go the easy way out, and shoves the fact that i should be nursing him down my throat every time i talk about J's feeding habits. I do have a group on BabyCenter.com that is all about exclusive pumping but its not the same as a real live person to hold your hand when you cry because your life revolves around a pumping schedule.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Running a fever

J is running a fever in addition to being supoer fussy not sleeping well and not pooping for 3 days this is cause for concern, so their fore i have called the doctor and we will be headed that way at four. 
Today'stopic is religion. Justin and i have been looking for the right church to join as both of us come from different religious backgrounds its kind of sort of a compromise. My parents are Mormon ( that's why he had a blessing ) and while i grew up Mormon i really don't believe in all the church taught. Im not sure what religion Justins parents are but he made it clear that he didn't really want to go to that church, because he did not want to irritate my parents. Thats the thing with inlaws is you are gonna make someone mad, and if your gonna do it might as well be the people you don't have to live with. But back onto topic we do believe in attending some type of church regularly. So the next few weeks we will be attending several different churches to see which one fits us.

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