Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Jitters

 I have yet another OB appointment this coming Monday. Of course its Saturday and i'm starting to freak out about every tiny twinge or moment of discomfort. On top of it all i have a horrendous cold that Justin seems to have brought home to share, while he suffers only a slight cough J and i are full blown snotty messes. Al tho it could be worse i'm still not enjoying this particular present from the Hubby. We went out to dinner with my parents a few nights ago and jason had a wonderful time drinking out of a big boy glass because oddly enough this restaurant did not have and kids cups or even to go cups. I thought it was very odd since they had a kids menu, who knows but he did a great job with the cup.

One of my favorite blogs that i read religiously is Enjoying the Small Things written by Kelle Hampton. She recently welcomed her third child and first son. Its brings a lot of emotions up to read about her birth story  and imagine what mine is going to be like. If you haven't read or heard about her blog i would suggest that you do and i will give you a link

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