Sunday, July 10, 2011

it was a hard weekend

At jasons last well baby visit i told the doctor the what was going on with jason and dr mai did a physical exam of jason and told me something very scary he had reasons to belive that jason had a thickening of the valve the connects the stomach to the small intestine  Of course i was alone at the visit and justin called alf way thru and had to speek with the doc because i was on the verge of tears he told us that we would have to make a trip to an ER about two hours away because they didnt have a way to diagnose it and if it was tru then e would have to have surgery to repair the defect and the closes hospital with the capabiltys to operate on an infant was in
springs. By this point im crying my eyes out and im thinking why was it something that i did lord help my child i dont know what to do. So we made the trip getting up to the hospital about nine at night and barely getting into a room about tenish. we waited and waited and finally a doctor came in to ask questions and said that they would be performing the test and soon an ultra sound tech came in to take j and i to the room. she put some of the ultra sounding gel onto his stomach and started to look around ten minutes later she opened up a two ounce pedilight bottle saying they needed to study how the fluids moved thru his stomach, and study they did about four times. We finaly got back into the room and a nurse came in to draw blood, and if you have never seen them do it off of a vein in a infant it seems pretty scary. they have you help hold your screaming infant down on a table while they use a syringe to suck blood from his body needless to say i was crying as much as he was and wanted to hold him cuddled up in my arms to soothe him. blood drawn down now by this point its almost two in the morning and i haven't slept hardly four hours in the last 48 and im about ready to pass out. i feel sick and the doctor comes in and im bracing myself to hear him say they where going  to operate on him. Then i hear the most amazing new ever they are not going to have to operate his stomach is a little irritated but the valve is fine! So now J is on a speical formula for sensitive babys and we are hoping this is not going to last very long because this was not in our budget to be formula feeding nor was it in our budget to be on very very expensive formula. Thankyou everyone for you thoughts and prayers!


  1. Glad the little guy is okay! Your a strong woman keep on keepin on and never be afraid to ask for help!

  2. We hope he is continuing to feel better. It's so scary when your baby is sick. Hang in there and don't forget to take care of yourself!


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