Jasons Story

During one of my many weekly appointments with my OB we talked about the possiblilty of being induced just a little bit early due to problems like my extreame headaches that i was on morphine for, and had to wean mysef off of before the birth of my son so that was he owuld not be born addicted t o it.on 4/18/11 my doctor called me and said that they had set up an inductin for wednesday and to be at the hospital between six and seven pm. well things dont always go to plan and i was given another call wednesday morning to say the hospital was to full as they had to many babies born the day before, and i was told to call back at six to see if there was room availble. i was heart broken and i cried all day on wednesday. my pregnancy had been diffucult to say the least and i was so ready for it to be over with. when i called Dr Mai. informed me that their was room and to go ahead and head to the hospital at eight to get the ball rolling. Well Justin and i where thrilled, and spent the next two hours getting ready to leave in a flurry of activity.
We walked into the hospital and rang the bell for the OB floor and nobody picked up to let us in! so we sat and waited and waited, and finally someone leaving let us in. we sat and waited on the little bench and i could feel my excitement building. I finally got into a room with a gown on and hooked up to the monitor.

I had my cervix checked and had an iv started. Well what they didnt tell me was that they where looking to see how many contractions i was having on my own and that they where waiting to see how much pitocin they would have to give me. Well all of this took till three in the morning and let me tell you i was not a happy camper.
The second line was my pit line but that didnt get connected till later. they have to keep pitocin in its own line because it can be finiky and does not like to mix with other drugs very well. So we continue i was having contractions on the monitor but just barley and i could not feel them, i was kind of disappointed i was thinking that as soon as they put the pitocin in my line i would start feeling the contractions and i guess i should have spent more time looking that up
It had been a long night laying bed talking to justin trying to get some sleep but that was not going over so well i was to excited about the impending birth of my child to really function well. i finaly ended up getting a little bit of sleep and before i knew it was breakfast. well more like crap fest because hospital food stinks majorly. A little while afterwords Dr. Mai came to check on me and informed me that i was 4cm dialated and the baby had dropped quite alot and he was suprized that i was not feeling my contractions yet. we then made the choice to have my water broken and let me tell you that was an experience. At first a little bit came out soaked the pad underneathe me but that was it. Then about five minuets later my water gushed all over the bed and started dripping down onto the floor the hwole time i was trying to stop it thinking that i was peeing but it could not be helped and i had to point in out to the nurse that i was super wet and uncomfortable. After a huge second torrental waterfall that soaked the floor yet again i was put into a post partum pad sad on another blue pad ( it looked like those training pads for dogs! ) on the chair that was in the room and waited for things to get intense.
Well things dig get intense really fast i might add, which is completely normal after having your water broken because the water acts a bit like a big cushion for the contractions. I was in pain i was crying and wimpering and i remember thinking why did i ever decided to induce now we cant stop and back away from it we have to finish im not leaving this hospital till i have a baby! I got my first dose of fentanyl and it was amazing. i felt great a little loopy but greatest i even summoned up the courage to walk about the OB floor and beyond. i bet i looked a bit comical in my bright pink robe and fuzzy socks but hey it didn't care and it was helping move J further down into the birth canal. Well as everyone know good things never last and the med wore off. i was in pain again and practically begging for more drugs and i got another dose. unfortunately the second dose is never as good as the first and it didnt do near as much for me. so by the time the third dose came i was in tear crying and moaning thru my contractions i was in so much pain i couldn't stand it. i finally gave into the epidural, something i thought that i could do without but the pain of the pitocin contractions made it a not likely situation. i could relax. well except they suddenly thought J's heart rate was going down but it just turned out that he had moved funky so they where hearing my heart beat.

Nobody informed me that after my epidural i would not be able to eat and of course following its placement my lunch arrived so i had to sit and watch Justin eat my hamburger and fries. After lunch time i fell asleep till about four thirty almost five ( remember i had been up since the morning before almost ) And my nurse came in to check how far i Had gotten. I was at a nine with just a little lip so almost a full complete. DR. Mai. came in to check on me and decided that i was going to push past the lip and get started. Did i mention by this time i was in pain again due to J laying on the nerves that flow thru your back and cutting off the epidural. they give you this pump to push for more drugs but i think mine was broken. The Dr. decided that i made enough progress with that one push that we where ready and got the room all set up for delivery which means they  take out the chairs and bring in the baby incubator and anything they might need. The whole time the tv was on and the Dr. was watching CNN when i was not pushing at first. It took forever J got caught on my pelvic bone and was not moving i was giving it all i thought i had crying that i couldn't do it and begging for someone to help me. I finally found the strength within myself and pushed as hard as i could. the Dr. kept putting my fingers down there so i could feel him coming out something that i thought would be gross but glad i did, it motivated me. i could finally feel progress and soon J's head was out, we had to stop for a moment as the cord was around his neck ( something I'mthat's fairly common ) then with my next push i could feel his warm slick body leave me and be placed on my stomach. i have never felt a moment of greater joy or love than i had at that moment instantly i was in tears. i had done it my son was born alive and healthy. They took him away to clean him off and warm him up but he was just across the room and i watched him almost the whole time i was being stitched back up ( i had a second degree perennial tear and a second degree labial tear ) 

I was sore and tired but i was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Nothing i have ever experienced in my whole life could ever compare to this moment.

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