Monday, May 30, 2011

Cooking for two...

Well its more like cooking for two with very big appetites. Justin is skinny as a rail all the men in his family seem to have very high metabolisms. Me well im nursing well more like im pumping but sometimes people just dont understand that, but it seems like every time i hook myself up to the milk machine i get ether really thirsty or startlingly hungry. So the problem i have is how to cook enough for both of us but not to much to where i have extras in the fridge ( im not good about using leftovers and neither is Justin ) And i have to keep price in mind. I love the thrill of feeding us for less its kind of a personal hobby, but i dont take it to any extremes like that crazy show on TLC. Tonight we had turkey with stuffing and mixed veggies and for a full price per person at 1.50 it makes me smile :) Hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grape Lemonaid

So Justin got me a one cup blender for mothers day this year, wihch is something i really wanted. Not only can i make J's baby food in it ( rather than that over processed sugar laden crap they sell at the store ) it makes wonderful frozen drinks. Well tonight i only had about enough lemonaid powder for half of one so i busted out a freezer tube pop. you know the cheap kind ( i loved these when i was pregnant ) So i mixed a grape one in and blended away. Lo and behold it was great! I think so far it has been one of the best creations i have come up with. Tonight for dinner we had one of my weird inventions that consisted of two pork chops, garlic salt, pepper, a little bit of butter, half a bag of stir fry veggies, and a package of Parmesan noodles. It was pretty good could have used just a little bit more salt but it has been added to the meal rotation!
In Jason news i posted a picture of him on facebook that immediatly got commented on by several people as cute to handsome to beautiful. it was just him passed out on his play mat. Today he has been really fussy and showing symptoms of having reflux so if it nots better by tommrrow i will be taking him to the doctor.
This week im starting a new chore rotation and adding more things to it as im feeling better and able to accomplish more. My six week post partum check up is on Thursday and im a little nervous as im getting my IUD placed and i have heard that it hurts really bad, but it has fewer symptoms and i will still be able to pump and it will not affect my supply as much as other types would. Justin and i have talked about having other kids but i want to wait till J is at least two years old before we start trying again and since J was kind of a whoops birth control baby i need something thats a tad bit more reliable.
but all in all we had a great weekend and i will leave you with the picture that i was talking about.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

It came it came it came!!!

i feel like a kid on Christmas my new breast pump came!! well more accurately i had to go pick it up at the post office yesterday or i was not going to see it till Tuesday and let me tell you that would have been a great big old bummer. My new pump is a double mi first years breast pump and let me tell you this thing is amazing! Not only was it less than half the price of Medela pump but according to some of the ladies on my birth board but in all a better pump. i got 13 let me repeat 13oz at my morning pump today and for someone who was only getting 4oz total on both sides i feel like i have hit the jackpot!

In other news im gonna post the statistic of jasons one moth well baby visit that was at five weeks instead of four because my pediatrican was super busy with all the other april babys born the same week mine was!

Birth                                              5weeks/one month
8 10.6 pounds                                   12.5 pounds
19 3/4 inches long                              21 1/2 inches long 
13 inch head circumference                15 inch head circumference

As you can tell my little man is growing up soon he is going to be past the mommy hold me stage and onto the crawling all over cant get him to sit still stage. i cant wait to see what type of person he grows up to be and i hope i am a positive guiding light for my son.

Friday, May 27, 2011

First baby well check

Why do they call it this kinda makes me feel like i am under some kind of nazi dictatior saying how my child should be, or more like the doctor is trying to make sure im not killing my child with uncovered electrical outlets and things of the like. Im secretly terrified of this doctors visit because im always afraid they are gonna tell me something is wrong with my child and no mother wants to hear that. J seems to be thriving and by thriving i mean putting on four pounds in a month crying his little head off whenever one of his needs are not instantly met and sleeping like a champ. well sleeping during the day time when i prefer to get things done.
in other news my new breast pump should be here today and if its not im gonna be just a little ticked. i went with free super saver shipping with my order and they keep telling me its gonna get here on the first but just checked its tracking number and it said it left Pueblo today and thats about an hour away from us so what do you think?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

BIg boys get to use the whole tub

Today J got his first bath without the little duck liner that we have been using to keep him mostly out of the water. BIg mistake most of the time i was terrified he was gonna turn his head and drown without me knowing it as i ranted on about soap and little toes being best friends. Well it was mostlly a mistake on my part from being terrified about it but J seemed to love it. he was constantly kicking he feet and wiggling around emmiting a plethra a cute baby noises and smiling at me intill it was time to wash his hair. J hates to get his hair washed well that and his face so we save this for the end of bath time so he can finsh being upset wrapped in his duckie agenst mommy chest. hey it works for us and it stops the hollierin most of the time. at first J didnt seem to like the bath and hollered when he was put in but now it seems i have a well rounded baby when it comes to it.
Justin is gonna be at work till around nine tonight and this is a first for me. he left at seven so it means when he Finlay does get here tonight he is gonna wanna eat and sleep, well that's poop i say. i didnt really even get my morning nap. when Justin gets up at five thirty he showers has his cup of coffee and takes shadow out then if J cries he is on baby duty till he leaves, which some of the time grants me about three hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep.i live for mornings because of this. but today as i said before i didnt get my nap so i have been a bit crochity today. that and my pump seems intent on killing me today which i havent been all to happy with.
J turned Five weeks old today and i think its a huge milestone a month ago i could not imagine myself at this point and im so proud to say that all three of us are thriving my house is not an utter disaster and justin and i still have a strong relationship. We have our first well baby appt tomorrow and im excited to see the growth and progress we have made over the last five weeks 

i leave you with a picture i took of j yesterday during bath time pardon the horrible quality i need a new camera

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carpet cleaners and the like

So Justin's aunt got hardwood floors and decided to give us her nice carpet cleaner yay! im defiantly not opposed to people just giving us stuff in fact a lot of the things in the house where given to us which is fine by me it means we can save our money for things that i really want like one of those one cup blenders. J is currently in his boppy bouncer in the front room while i am in the computer room trying to get a moments peace catch up on emails and look threw interesting things online, yes i know i could be cleaning the carpets with the new carpet cleaner but i think this is way more fun.Yesterday was a hard day J spent most of it eather actively alert or screaming his head off because he wanted to eat, now the guide lines for pumped breast milk is no more than four ounces at a time well because that's just the way it is so its hard when you just get done feeding your child to hear him cry for more. i was almost half tempted to give him some of the formula the hospital sent us home with but i think i would have felt super guilty if i had done that. my supply really didn't keep up with him and i ended up having to un-freeze two bags in my freezer stash of stored breast milk. It was a chalenging day and i for one am so happy that its over.
 Even the happiest baby on the block did nothing to calm J down and that was shocking to me, but next up on the reading list is baby wise yes i know i should have read all these before i was done being pregnant so i could be prepared but hey when you are put on morphine for headaches the last thing on your mind is reading.
Well im off to feed my slave driver another bottle to see if that will keep him content for a little while longer whill i attempt to clean the carpets.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

iron factory

its offical i hate the post partum period, literaly. i have not stopped bleeding sice giving birth on april twenty first. i hate this. so far its been the grossest thing that i have had to go thru birth wise. while i think j was well worth it i feel like i have hit the end of my rope. on lighter note when i weighed jason this week it said he was twelve pounds if your not counting like i am i will point it  out thats a four pound gain in four weeks. the guid line for weight gain is a pound a month. i must have some great milk because my little man is thriving. so far the exclusivly pumping is going great and im blessed to have a supportive family when you choose to pump after not being able to breast feed you really are making a full on commitment. its cleaning parts cleaning bottles spending half an hour pumping every three hours waking up even when your baby doesnt. its getting wet spots on every shirt you wear because of the flanges having milk on them. its hard and every day i have to continue to want the best for my son, because let me tell you its way easer to mix up a bottle of formula.

Monday, May 23, 2011

pump out

my little dog shadow has issues. im exclusivly pumping due to latch issue with j. i left my pump parts in my bag and justin and i went to get some happy hour drinks came back to find my pump torn up. shadow must love the taste of my milk because he goes crazy for it, but needless to say we had big issues not having a pump and the only store that sells pumps around here walmart but they dont sell parts. well we tryed nursing and went over to my parents house my parents saw the issues and bought me a easy to use pump so i could get thru the rest of the week till my new double pump came in. so its been a hard week so thats why i havent posted, plus trying to get a good baby rotine is hard. oh well

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What time is it?

I think by the crazy schedule we have been keeping in the hosea houshold my internal clock is off, well maybe it never got wound up in te first place so i guess i can have some slack from that point. i have never been one that is early to bed early to rise, no i have been the type of person that stays awake as long as i can before passing out. needless to say that kind of schedule does not work with a new born in the house. trying to adapt to a new way of sleeping when i have spent most of my life sleeping how i want to is hard, almost as hard as it was to not sleep on my belly when i was pregnant.

Monday, May 16, 2011

bed sweet bed

tonights blog is from my bed, however long i will be in it. j has been so fussy today probably hitting his three week growth spurt. justin is snoring and im gonna be here soon

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Im in love with the weekends why because its the time that justin and i spend together as parents and i really enjoy it. i know i always complain on how during the week i feel like a single parent but during the weekend i feel like we are a family. going places together is amazing. this last Friday we took our first trip away from J well it was my first trip away from him i hadn't been more than a coupla feet away from him since he was born so it was pretty traumatic for me. before we could even leave for anywhere he went with his grandparents to be watched till about almost one in the morning so his grandpa came to pick him up and that ended up in a big crying fit with me. i was so worried i cried about it for days that he would need something and i wouldn't be able to give it to him. but as you can tell everything went fine we are all safe and sound at home. but let me tell you pumping on the go is a really odd situation. i mean i had to do it or by then end of dinner and a move plus the hour long drive back home i would have been fuller than a water balloon about to explode and that would have not been good. i wish they made rooms at places for you to go and breast feed or pump it would be more practical then hiding in a car with dark tinted windows. oh well i still had fun on my first night out. it was weird not having him i had spent the last 11 months i havent been anywhere without him, but im confident that if i needed to leave him somewhere as long as it was with people that i trust i could do it with more ease. but let me tell you i would not trade anything for my former life because smelling the top of his head while he is curled up on my chest is so worth it

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wacky weather

As it had been since J was born Justin is back at work full time and i must say today it has gotten to me worse than it has in a while. I feel almost like a single parents he leaves at 8 and for the past two weeks has not been home till 7 or later. It's awfully lonely and i would not wish this upon anyone. I can tell thats its really starting to get to me because i had a little melt down last night when someone knocked on the door and i had just got J latched ( something thats hard for both of us) and justin asked well what do you want me to do not see who it is. i melted down at the i said look and see who the hell it is and went to our bedroom and slammed the door. Justin just does not get how much of a struggle these weeks have been for me. along with the sleep deprivation the lack of having a partner is really starting to wear me out physically and emotionally. I know it will be better once he takes his next test for his journeyman's because he will get paid more and be able to work less but it seems like im sitting in a perpetual cycle that is dictated by someone who regularly poops in his pants. Oh well im off to take a nap and wait for Justin to get home so i can have some help.

P.S the wacky weather was it hailed today and rained, not really crazy but for living in the Vally it is

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

from the living room floor

as j gets some much needed tummy time im updating. j slept a full four hours at a time last night so i feel pretty rested and ready to takle some of the dirty dishes that are filling up my sink. other than that j justin and i are doing great today

Monday, May 9, 2011

The first of many

i want to start this post off as J was smiling at me and Justin on sunday!! He is growing up so fast and i fear for the first day he leaves me to start his own life.
this last Sunday was my first mothers day as being a mom and i was kind of disappointed in it. my parents threw this mothers day BBQ and my biological older brother was supposed to attend and didnt, also my younger sister didn't attend eather. i was really hurt by what they did, my brother was seen at the gas station down the block by Justin and he couldn't even bother to attend. my little sister on the other hand was supposedly coming down from Denver and never showed never called or texted anyone and pretty much just blew it off.
oh well poo on them. on the other hand Justin got me a wonderful present of one of those one cup blender things which im really looking forward to making cool icy rinks for summer in and when J gets a little older his baby food as well. im not big on the highly over processed junk they sell in the store. My parents also got me a card and a dozen pink roses :) over all besides the people who didn't show up i had a wonderful day and im glad i was surrounded by people that love me. J just woke up so i better go attend to the little one.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Last night we had a rough night J didn't want to sleep Justin was having problems sleeping and so was i. So while both my boy where tossing around i was almost on the verge of tears because i was so tired and this was unfair stop moving im trying to sleep!!. so this morning while trying to catch up on some sleep after Justin left J fell asleep in his swing and then my phone promptly went off every half hour from there on out. so now its eleven i have gotten three hours of sleep, my hair smells funky and my boobs are hard as rocks. Time to sit on the couch and feel like a cow :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


In a moment of rare peace and quiet in my home im updating again. im trying to do this almost every day so i can look back and remember alot of these things because at the current moment i cant remember what i ate yesterday for dinner.
J at the current moment is passed out in his swing in the living room he is probably sleepy from the long night of fussing and crying we went thru last night. He just wanted to be held all night and im not the co sleeping kind of person that scares me so he sleeps in his crib. So i rock him till he falls asleep then an hour later he wakes up and realizes that he is alone and then comes the screaming/crying. I have to get his bottle warmed up his diaper changed then back into bed, then i have to pump because his crying made me engorged. so by the time im finally back in bed cuddled up with justin we have to start all over again.
having a child is no joke. i was watching 16 and pregnant yesterday and i ended up being so mad at these stupid high school girls thinking having a baby was gonna be easy and thinking their 16 year old boyfriends where gonna stick around and help them. ha! They would have a better chance at finding water in a desert. I really do think they should give their babys up well most of them some of the girls do act like adults, but most of them just do the pissy im gonna shout till i get my way like a five year old. God i hope when J gets older he does not end up knocking some stupid hoe up!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

its been a while

so i had my wonderful son J on April 21st 2011 at 5:18 weighing 8 pounds 10.6 ounces and 19 and 3/4 inches long. it was the most amazing experience in my life.feeling his hot slick body come out of me was one of the most amazing feelings i have ever felt. Happily i report Justin and i are adapting to being parents well, we i am Justin seems to never be home due to working so it mostly just me and  J at home. its tough and at night sometimes i just wanna pull my hair out but its well worth it. Im already getting nervous about the days when he is not so portable, right now all i have to do is grab his diaper bag and put him in his carseat and take off. im nervous about hauling around a screaming toddler who does not want to be buckled into his seat. so far i have manged to avoid most of the baby blues but i still get sad sometimes, the first few days at home where hard. i was sore as hell J would not latch on and was really fussy. over all my birth experience was way better than my pregnancy experience and Justin and i are looking forward to the rest of our lifes raising J
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