Friday, October 29, 2010

15 weeks

this afternoon while checking my email i was confronted with yet another scary pregnancy symptom. trouble breathing. while with most people this would be a simple concern i suddenly had a panic attack over the thought of not being able to breath. this resulted in a lot of heavy breathing and a lot of scared  mind imagery. well now i'm over that and breathing fine. i guess before you get into the whole thing people never really tell you about all the stuff that is painful. i mean we hear of the morning sickness and the backaches but never really about anything else like its some kind of hidden pregnancy secret cult. and i guess it really is that way. you do hear about the crying fits but nobody tells you how lonely you feel sometimes. even though i have a great partner i still feel so alone and that spurns one of my many crying fits that make me seem like a child.but this is just week fifteen so who knows how the rest will go like they say every pregnancy is different :)

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